Happy New Year!!

Hey Girl,

Would you consider yourself successful?  Why or why not?  I guess you’ve  probably  heard the saying  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”  well I believe the same thing should ring true for success.

According to -success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

How do you define success?  Does it change based on other people’s accomplishments and expectations ?  Do you consider a woman successful if she’s educated, an entrepreneur,  has a closet full of designer clothes and handbags, a big home,  a bank account full of money? What about   if the children are  in private school and a wealthy husband? 

 What if she doesn’t posses any of  those things; would you still consider her successful? What if she had a few life setbacks- she has an older model car, and lives in an apartment?   What if she shops at Ross and she doesn’t desire marriage or wealth; however, she desires to be an office manager and live a life of peace and contentment?

Have you ever accomplished a goal and you were proud  until you compared it with someone else’s life? 

I remember when I was a  little  girl, my brother taught me to tie my shoes.  I was so happy!             My happiness dwindled when I found out the other kindergarteners were pros at tying their shoes .

I was proud  when I completed my college degree after many years of on and off schooling, but  I noticed people my age had multiple degrees and sadly I didn’t feel as successful.

I’ve had numerous conversations with women over the years and  the reality is, they usually  feel successful until they hear about someone else’s accomplishment.  They started feeling their accomplishment was minimal in comparison to the women in their circle, on their jobs and on social media.

They set goals and put  time and effort to achieve the purpose, but they allowed their words and thoughts or the words of others to make them feel mediocre.

Why does someone else’s success have to make us feel that we haven’t succeeded?  It was their goal, so it’s their success. That’s not what you wanted… You went after what you wanted.

Theodore Roosevelt said, Comparison is the thief of joy. I can recall plenty of times when my “joy” left when I compared my success with someone else’s.


A Few tips:
  • To thine own self be true- Learn yourself, so you can determine what’s important to you
  • Material things doesn’t equate success- Material things come and go and they shouldn’t define you
  • Success takes perseverance, and it’s not for the faint at heart- your success IS a big deal
  • Don’t  allow society’s standard of success  diminish your accomplishment
  • Success looks different at different time frames in your life- Remember you’re always evolving
  • Stop putting an “Only” on your accomplishments

If you want to go back to school… Go!

If you want to learn a new skill… Do it!

If you want to write the book… Write it!

If you want to start a healthier lifestyle… Start!

If you want to start a business … Go Ahead!

If you want to travel…  Get your passport and travel!

If you want peace… Pursue it!

If you want to grow spiritually … Seek God!

You Can Do All Things through Christ who Strengthens You Philippians 4:13



Make a commitment to define your own success, and  don’t allow society to define it for you.  I’m learning that my success is not determined or dependent on the next person’s success. I don’t have to downplay what I consider success .

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

Be Kind, Be Bold & Be a Woman on the Move

Bloom & Prosper


Hey Beautiful Lady,

Oh life, oh life when will you Bloom!

Oh life, oh life when will you Prosper… said, No Flower

Have you considered the process of those beautiful flowers you admire in nature? No? Well neither did I until I tried to create a garden.

I adore all pretty flowers, but I never pondered on its process.

Me and a good girlfriend started visiting nurseries and to my surprise, the species of flowers were endless! They come in variations of the rainbow. Some of the flowers are bright and bold, but some are dark and striking.

I have noticed some are delicate and small, but there are some that grow enormous, unique and rough. To be honest some aren’t pleasing to my eyes, oh but their striking uniqueness makes them so inviting!

Well, I decided I wanted to replicate a beautiful garden at my home; something similar to the magnificent gardens I’ve seen on HGTV.

Ask any gardener and they will tell you, “great gardens don’t happen over night.”

OK, there’s reality, and then there’s me.

I began purchasing my seeds, soil and fertilizer because I’m determined to have a masterpiece that everyone will adore. I can just feel it!!

Did I want it for me, or for show?

It’s time for the work…

Well, these tiny seeds have to go into the ground covered in dirt and bugs. Did I mention, I dont like either one?

The seed package shows a picture of a full bloomed seed. I’m excited! This seed has so much potential inside of it, but if only I can endure the process.

I had to get low to put the seed into the ground. This process make you humble yourself because you are forced to get to the ground without a care of who’s watching you in the process.

You don’t put on your best clothes because you will get dirty and hot.

You have to water consistently even when you’re hot and tired. I forgot to water for 2 days and I came home to my new blooming flower dying in the scorching sun.

I want to Bloom & Prosper, but am I dedicated to the work?

All of this hard work and dedication and I still don’t have my beautiful botanical garden that I envisioned.

Disapointment, anxiousness, comparision and doubt flood my thoughts.

Why aren’t they blooming and prospering right now?

Flowers bloom in different seasons, so check the timing. Are you expecting a spring bloom in the summer season?

According to Ecclesiastes 3:1,
Everything has its own time, and there is a specific time for every activity under heaven:

What does it need to come forth? So check the instructions for your specific flowers. Don’t be tempted to follow someone’s instructions. They may have something different blooming

There are some flowers that grow in Full Sun.

There are some flowers that grow in the shade.

A few species of flowers even live in water.


Sometimes we look and admire people, but we don’t consider their process.

She’s blooming and prospering, but it didn’t come overnight.

She may look different, but she’s unique for her purpose.

She may be an extrovert and need full sun.

She may be an introvert and does well alone.

She may flourish her best under constant movement of the water.

Under the right conditions, perfect timing, persistence and dedication… You will bloom and prosper.

Don’t get angry or envious if your life doesn’t look like your neighbors.

Ask yourself, are you really dedicated, consistent, committed or disciplined to handle it!

Check your priorities against all your desires.

Trust God’s purpose, timing and process for your life!!

With time, patience, commitment and dedication you will eventually bloom to who you were created to be, and share your gift with others.

Be Kind, Be Bold & Be a Woman on the Move