Are you stuck in a cycle?

Hey Beautiful Lady,

Do you find yourself repeating  bad decisions, negative behaviors , non productive movements over again? We can have the best intentions about changing and still end up on the same broken path.

Have you seen the movie Ground Hog Day ? In the movie, Bill  Murray woke up to the same day every day of his life?He made the best of it and worked it to his advantage.  Can you imagine waking up everyday  to the same day?  Do you want to live or just exist?

Let’s talk about the Washing Machine.

Wash, rinse, spin-Complete !

How would you feel, if you put your clothes in the washing machine, but the next step never occurred?  What if your load of clothes kept spinning without stopping? So much potential for those clothes, but the clothes are stuck in a cycle. So much potential, but you won’t or can’t move forward. So,  are  you stuck in a cycle of past failure, hurt, procrastination, an unhealthy mindset?

When we think of putting a load of clothes in the washer, we put an expectation on the washing machine .
What happens if you check the clothes and there still wet?

It’s really disappointing when we don’t get a completed cycle. Would you keep using this washing machine if it kept getting stuck? What will you do about it?

In the Bible, the children of Israel was in the wilderness wandering, murmuring  and complaining . When you’re complaining and stuck, you don’t realize how much time passes. Forty years had passed for the Israelites!!!

Have you made some decisions to become a better person because you know the path you’re on is a dead end? Do you start off with the mindset, A New Year, A New Me, well what happen just a few months later?

Let’s do a check to see if you’re Stuck in a cycle:

  • New friends, but  you’re in the same drama
  • Better paying job, but the bills are still past due
  • Different guy, but he has the same characteristics as all the others
  • You got the makeover, but you’re still feeling the same
  • You declared a new you, but  you have the same negative/doubtful attitude
  • A new year,  but it looks and feel like all the years prior
  • Better situation, but you’re still complaining

The cycle starts and stops with you… It’s truly up to you.  This is not just a slogan, but you Must change your mind. However, changing  your mind isn’t enough!
You must be intentional about your decision.  Intentions require your effort. We have to consciously make a  daily, weekly, monthly and  yearly decision to retrain our thinking and our actions.  You Must consciously think and  act different or you will repeat the Same cycle.

How do I get out of the cycle???

  • Examine yourself, what can you do  to change or grow
  • It’s ok to change for the better
  • Do the necessary steps to change
  • Stick with the change
  • Get some help to change or improve
  • Don’t talk about, be about it
  • Be open for improvement
  • Surround yourself with wise counsel

Everyday life as we know it changes, so be the change you want to see. Remember, just because you’ve always done it a certain way doesn’t make it right.

Be Bold, Be Kind and Be a Woman on the Move!!!

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I’ve heard that before…

Hey Beautiful,

Let me start off by saying , we have been hearing a host of words and  sounds all of our lives, but did we really listen? No

“Hearing’ is the physical activity of sound falling on the ears and the biological processes involved in its perception. ‘Listening‘ is the ability to pay attention to what the sounds means and understand it. “English language learners


Tell the truth what have you heard  or told yourself before, but you failed to listen to? How do we hear one thing, but our actions  show we really didn’t process what we heard?

  • Qualified for the position, but insecurities stepped in and caused anxiety.
  • Strong but you fall victim  to believing you can’t conquer the task.
  •  Beautiful , but you’re  always comparing your beauty to others.
  • Leader, but you are too afraid to  make decisions or stand alone.
  • Loyal , but you only hear you’re a push over.
  • Unique, but you hear different is a bad thing.
  • Deserve better, but you go back to the relationship,  mindset, or old habits.

Have you heard this before?

  • You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made
  • There’s No one in this world  that can be a better you
  • Love yourself first before you can love anyone else
  • You are a phenomenal woman

If you heard any or all of these statements before, do you believe it?

When you  speak to yourself about yourself are you listening ? Are you paying Attention or are you distracted  by your past mistakes, failures,  disappointments,  or people’s opinions?

Be a woman that’s intentional on what she feeds her spirit.

Be a woman who speaks words of life over herself and believes those words.

Be a woman who believes she deserves the best because she is the best.

Be a woman who makes wise decisions with her future in mind .

Be a woman who considers others.

Be kind, Be bold,  Be a woman on the Move!!

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Do over, please!

Hey You,

Have you ever needed a do over on the time  you spoke too fast?  What happens to the  slow down button of the mind when the emotions are in play?

I can admit there were a few too many times I went chasing behind my words, but to my dismay I couldn’t catch them.

Have you ever responded abrasive,  judgmental,  spontaneous, emotional, with revenge, guilt, or the wrong intent?  Asking yourself, now how did that response come out so quickly? Can I get a do over, please!

From our thoughts to the outside world in a matter of moments: that is all it takes to build up/tear down a person’s self-esteem, say yes to a situation when you really wanted to say no, or to ignore/respond to a hostile situation.

Have you ever spoken without thought concerning your relationship, family, friendships, your future, your finances, your career,  and even your current mood?

Am I the only one guilty of listening just to respond at times?  Hey, let’s be honest…

Remember the  saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. It sounds good as a nursery rhyme, but it’s far from true. Words can hurt and they can stay with you.

Unfortunately No do overs, but we can strive to do better.

  • My momma have been telling me this for years, Think before you speak!
  • Everything doesn’t justify a  response.
  • It’s ok to say No!
  • Don’t let your emotions dictate your conversations.
  • You don’t have to always be right.
  • Don’t listen to have a rebuttal.
  •  The Bible says, Be swift to hear and slow to speak.

Be kind, Be Bold and Be a Woman on the Move.

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What would I tell my younger self?

Dear beautiful,  courageous and intelligent brown girl,

Being alone isn’t the end of the world,  it’s  in the alone time you discover who you really are. Your likes and dislikes  won’t be clouded by so many voices and opinions. You discover what makes you smile, your favorite foods and most importantly your purpose in life.

Friendships/Relationships are good but, don’t ever force yourself to fit in. Don’t dumb down, don’t settle, and don’t  give in to make someone want or love you. Embrace your  uniqueness because there is always  someone admiring what you’re  uncomfortable with in your life. Having a good friendship really brings joy so, please pick wisely. Friends don’t always talk or see each other, but you count on your good friends.

Mom really  does have good wisdom that could  save you from a lot of pitfalls. Don’t place more value in other people’s voice greater than  your mom’s voice. She really has your  best interest at heart. She will love you when life disappoints you and even after you disappoint her.

Don’t rush to grow up, there is plenty of time to enjoy the things you’re hurrying to do. Learn to enjoy each moment of your life. Be present in your conversations with people. Soak in each moment with family and friends, the older you get time flies.

Smile, Be Kind, Be fearless and Be Strong…


You are a Woman on the move, so  that heartache,  that lost promotion, bad debt, or bad mistake won’t stop you from moving forward . Arise out of the past and move forward.


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