Are you stuck in a cycle?

Hey Beautiful Lady,

Do you find yourself repeating life over and over again? We can have the best intentions about changing and still end up on the same broken path.

Have you seen the movie Ground Hog Day in which every day Bill Murray woke up was the same day he just left?  Can you imagine waking up everyday to the same day?

Consider the process of the washing machine: wash, rinse then spin.  How would you feel, if you put your clothes in the washing machine in the next step never occurred? Just imagine if your load of clothes kept spinning without stopping. So much potential for those clothes, but the clothes are stuck in a cycle. When we think of putting a load of clothes in the washer, we usually  attach a timeframe it will be completed. It’s really disappointing when we don’t get a completed cycle. Would you keep using this washing machine if it kept getting stuck?

In the Bible, the children of Israel was in the wilderness wandering, murmuring  and complaining . When you’re complaining and stuck, you don’t realize how much time passes. Forty years had passed for the Israelites!!!

Have you made some decisions to become a better person because you know the path you’re on is a dead end? Do you start off with the mindset, A New Year, A New Me, well what happen just a few months later?

Let’s do a check to see if you’re in a cycle:

  • New friends, but  you’re in the same drama
  • Better paying job, but the bills are still past due
  • Different guy, but he has the same characteristics as all the others
  • You had a makeover, but you’re still feeling the same
  • You declared a new you, but  you have the same negative/doubtful attitude
  • A new year,  but it looks and feel like all the years prior
  • Better situation, but you’re still complaining


The cycle starts and stops with you… It’s truly up to you.  Changing your mind isn’t enough, but you must put action to your decision. However, it doesn’t stop there! We have to consciously make a  daily, weekly, monthly and  yearly decision to retrain our thinking and our actions.  If we don’t consciously think and act, we will find ourselves repeating the Same cycle.

How do I get out of the cycle???

  • Examine yourself, what needs to change or grow
  • It’s ok to change for the better
  • Do the necessary steps to change
  • Stick with the change
  • Get some help to change or improve
  • Don’t talk about, be about it
  • Be open for improvement


Everyday life as we know it changes, so be the change you want to see. Remember, just because you’ve always done it a certain way doesn’t make it right.

Be Bold, Be Kind and Be a Woman on the Move!!!


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8 thoughts on “Are you stuck in a cycle?

  1. Good Advice and oh so true!!
    It’s easy to get caught up and stagnant in our every day lives but remembering that with every new day there are new opportunities may help to keep us on our toes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so good and so true. I never thought of it as you described the washer machine scenario. It’s definitely time to do a new thing. Renewing the mind daily.


  3. This was beautiful and most of all…SO TRUE! I can appreciate the fact that while reading this, I associated myself with some of the elements defined as “being stuck in the cycle”. I can attest that most of it is my own doing and know NOW that I must change in order for my life to change. I truly enjoyed this insight!!❤❤


  4. Yessss,I definitely feel like I am stuck on a cycle.I really can relate to the wash machine just spinning,spinning,and spinning.Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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