Do over, please!

Hey You,

Have you ever needed a do over on the time  you spoke too fast?  What happens to the  slow down button of the mind when the emotions are in play?

I can admit there were a few too many times I went chasing behind my words, but to my dismay I couldn’t catch them.

Have you ever responded abrasive,  judgmental,  spontaneous, emotional, with revenge, guilt, or the wrong intent?  Asking yourself, now how did that response come out so quickly? Can I get a do over, please!

From our thoughts to the outside world in a matter of moments: that is all it takes to build up/tear down a person’s self-esteem, say yes to a situation when you really wanted to say no, or to ignore/respond to a hostile situation.

Have you ever spoken without thought concerning your relationship, family, friendships, your future, your finances, your career,  and even your current mood?

Am I the only one guilty of listening just to respond at times?  Hey, let’s be honest…

Remember the  saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. It sounds good as a nursery rhyme, but it’s far from true. Words can hurt and they can stay with you.

Unfortunately No do overs, but we can strive to do better.

  • My momma have been telling me this for years, Think before you speak!
  • Everything doesn’t justify a  response.
  • It’s ok to say No!
  • Don’t let your emotions dictate your conversations.
  • You don’t have to always be right.
  • Don’t listen to have a rebuttal.
  •  The Bible says, Be swift to hear and slow to speak.

Be kind, Be Bold and Be a Woman on the Move.

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Author: Women on the Move

I am a Woman of God who is determined to see other women succeed. I'm the founder of Women on the Move Ministries which offers monthly workshops to empower women. Follow me on FB to stay connected with Women on the Move Ministries Fb- womenonthemove8 IG- womenonthemoveministries Email-

18 thoughts on “Do over, please!”

  1. Love it, it’s so true, words hurt and coming out it feels good but the after effect it has on people when used in the negativity; makes you cringe when you replay it in your mind.


    1. Yes, when we want to hurt people we go for the most hurtful words. We don’t realize the lasting impression it can have on them. I’m striving to take my time so I won’t harm people with my words. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. This is so awesome, Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Your response to certain situations need to be evaluated before you consider saying anything. Love it


  3. I enjoy reading your blog. Its so………….o…..oooo…..o true. We are like farmers planting seeds daily. Its so important to count the cost before we respond. We also, have to realize we will eat the fruit of what we speak. If you wouldn’t eat a rotten apple than we shouldn’t plant one because God is not mocked what a sow also, shall he reap it. Thank you so much for sharing


  4. Good stuff! I’ve found myself doing some of those things but am learning to keep myself in check and to not miscommunicate with speaking to quickly or speaking out of turn.


  5. How many time have I replayed something hurtful someone said to me in my mind over and over again. Or more often held a loved one hostage to something I know they didn’t mean but said out of anger or frustration. This is sooo true! Nice blog girly!


  6. Definitely guilty of this. Sometimes I find myself Saying “yes” I’ll be at an event, or “yes” we can meet at that time… then something happens, or I didn’t think it all the way through and am unable to follow through on that “yes” , and I feel like my integrity is shot. Soooo as of last Sunday I said from now on I’ll say “maybe/I’ll have to see how things play out” or sometimes just say “no”.


    1. I am learning to balance myself. In my haste, I often over extend my self without wanting to say No… I’m still working on this, lol.
      Thanks for stopping by


  7. Words can cut as deep as a knife when used negatively. Even when someone apologizes afterwards you may accept but never forget what was said and how it made you feel. On the opposite spectrum words can build a person up and push them to greater heights. We definitely have to put forth a more conscious effort to “speak better” not only for ourselves but for all of those around us. As my mother always says sometimes it isnt what you say but simply how you say it. Great post!


    1. Tekeia, we use our words so carelessly without realizing the power behind them. So, I strive to empower with my words. Moms definitely have a lot of wisdom. Thanks for commenting


  8. Timely message Sis. Words have the power to heal as well as hurt. I want to be better at putting the scripture being swift to hear and slow to speak to better practice in my life. Have an excellent day


    1. Yes, the older and wiser I become, I’m realizing the healing power of my words. I am sorry, You are forgiven, You are beautiful, You are healed have done a lot for me. Thanks for stopping by


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