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I decided to do laundry one afternoon, so I emptied my laundry hamper on the floor to sort the clothes. When I finished emptying my hamper, my entire floor was covered with clothes.

The clothes were compressed in the hamper.

When you compress something or when it compresses, it is pressed or squeezed so that it takes up less space.

Compress definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

I saw clothing that I hadn’t seen in a very long time, I forgot about some of the items. Out of sight, out of mind! The clothes were packed in so tight there’s no way I could deal with all of those clothes in one day of washing.

Why did I let the clothes pile up? How did I maintain my life with all those clothes in the hamper? How could this one hamper hold so many of my clothes? As I begin to sort those clothes, I went through so many emotions while sitting on my bedroom floor. I was surrounded by clothes that I could no longer avoid. I was Happy to see some items that I liked wearing. I was Overwhelmed that I had to wash so many items. I was sad that I allowed life to consume me, so I compressed EVERYTHING!

I had a choice in that moment, do I deal with what I had been avoiding or do I put it ALL back in the hamper?

I attempted to put it back in the hamper because I don’t think I had the emotional or physical strength to deal with these clothes. I cried as I put everything back on the floor in the various piles. It was time to deal with LIFE… I could no longer avoid those things I had been compressing. It was items I wanted to wear, I needed to wear.

I realized the clothes were just a representation of my life issues. Life became hard and overwhelming, so I kept pushing down EVERYTHING. Now what had I pushed down in my life to make room for other stuff… Death, heartache, friendships, children, finances, etc…

After I washed everything which took more than that afternoon, I felt happy & accomplished because I dealt with my issues.

Ladies let’s face it, It may be Out of sight, out of mind, but it is still there. Take some time and deal with some stuff you have been avoiding.

Will it be easy to face things that you’ve pressed down? No, it will take work and commitment. But the longer you avoid it the harder it will be.

It’s time… Time to deal with your finances, your health, your credit, relationships, insecurities, fear of commitment, childhood issues, heartache, raising children etc. It’s time to Decompress!



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Author: Women on the Move

I am a Woman of God who is determined to see other women succeed. I'm the founder of Women on the Move Ministries which offers monthly workshops to empower women. Follow me on FB to stay connected with Women on the Move Ministries Fb- womenonthemove8 IG- womenonthemoveministries Email-

10 thoughts on “Compressed”

  1. This solidified my situation and it’s right on point. In fear of facing the truth head on we just put off dealing with it. Then when we’re force to deal with things unexpectedly a lot of emotions begin to surface and it becomes so overwhelming. Never looked at it from the illustration you gave how compressed the clothes were in the basket. You found things you needed. This is a very powerful Blog and the tools I walk away from every posting is very empowering. Thank you Woman of God…


  2. That is so true, out of sight out of mind. Sometimes it’s best to deal with your issues right then and there because it never go away. Some things I have been compressing in my life once I decided to deal with it; it made me feel free that I decided to deal with the things that were out of sight out of mind. Better late than never.


  3. Very good analogy! It is always so quick and easy to tuck our problems and clothes (literally) away but eventually we must deal with them. The longer we wait, the more the piles increase which ultimately puts more worry and stress in our lives. Although we all have various reasons for piling we have to unpack to move forward. Great article!

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  4. Thoughtful perspective! As women, we have such an amazing capacity to endure and continue living while compressed. Thank you for encouraging us to take some time to decompress, sort, and launder pieces of us. Even those pieces others wouldn’t see or know we have — our dirty laundry filled with “unmentionables” and “delicates”. ❤️

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