Wrong Bus, Wrong Stop…

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Hey Beautiful Lady,

I wasted my precious time… I’m still puzzled on how  something that seemed so right ended up wrong.  Everything appeared to have been going right for me, but I still ended up in the wrong place. I got on the shuttle after work because I didn’t want to walk a 10 minute journey in the cold by myself.   I got on the  shuttle so confident that I would get to my destination quickly. However, as the  journey continued  my confidence and joy faded.

How did I  get confused with this familiar shuttle… I was distracted!  I wanted immediate relief from the outside elements, so I went to something that appeared familiar. I was familiar with the appearance  of the bus and  the driver of the bus,  but  I NEVER  caught that shuttle at that stop. I guess you can say my desperation pushed away  my common sense.

The shuttle took me on a 45 minute journey in the opposite direction,  I was too embarrassed to ask any questions. I made a lot of assumptions  in my mind.  Eventually everyone got off of the shuttle and I sat there all alone. I was confused and a little ashamed for not speaking up sooner. Finally, I asked the driver, if this bus went to my destination,  she smiled then said you got on at the wrong stop.

When it was all over  I had  went to every bus  stop on her route, I was forced to stop and wait at the 15 minute layover.  During these stops I was very frustrated, because my precious time was being wasted. This wasn’t where i belonged,  so I wanted to get off.  But,  I didn’t want to walk too far in the dark. I laughed at myself when it was all over because  I really could have walked from the beginning .”Don’t be in such a rush to get comfort, please count the cost”.

A bus is meant to  take you somewhere,  but if you’re not careful you can  definitely go to an unwanted/undesired  place.

Desiring  a quick fix, loneliness  or desperation can  force you on the wrong bus.  This can lead you into being  in financial debt,  stuck in the wrong place,  back in an old relationship or completely out of your  purpose. Be careful!

Take some time to ask yourself:

  • Are you going in the wrong direction?
  • Do you feel like you’re going in circles ?
  • Are you fulfilling purpose?
  • Has loneliness,  fear, doubt desperation, or comparison caused you to go back to the familiar  ?
  • Have you become distracted?

Everyday is a new day, so choose to make decisions that will make your life better. You don’t have go along with a poor choice, you can change at any time.  So what… Don’t stay on the wrong bus!!

Be Bold,  Be Kind and Be a Woman on the Move







Author: Women on the Move

I am a Woman of God who is determined to see other women succeed. I'm the founder of Women on the Move Ministries which offers monthly workshops to empower women. Follow me on FB to stay connected with Women on the Move Ministries Fb- womenonthemove8 IG- womenonthemoveministries Email- womenonthemoveministries@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “Wrong Bus, Wrong Stop…”

  1. That’s great, so true; don’t waste time Be proactive if you feel yourself going in the wrong directions. The time you waste can be put into a positive situation which brings you joy.


  2. This was a great read. It made me think about my life and certain decisions I’ve made without using proper judgment or because of impatience. Thank you for sharing


    1. I’ve definitely been the spontaneous and impatient person. Sometimes I learned after a big failure and other times I was given mercy and I didn’t suffer consequences. At the end, it is all lessons learned. Thanks for reading.


  3. I truly thank you for sharing all the lesson one may and can learn from your blog.

    1. Don’t rush; Wait for the right whatever you are waiting on
    2. Speak up at the right time and dont waste precious time
    3. The walk was a great opportunity to speak with God.
    4. Trust the process during all seasons.
    5. Being comfortable cost a lot, Evaluate, weigh it, and decide without emotions.

    Thanks for your obedience


  4. Could have been the right bus?
    Did you talk with the driver?

    Loved it I’ve gotten On the wrong bus of life and stopped in wrong places But God 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is so true and once again thanks for always sharing so many powerful tools to keep us from getting distracted from Purpose. Wasting precious time is something I’ve done on many occasions and this message has me on assignment to get a lot of things in order. Thanks for sharing


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