How to stop fear from ruining your future!

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Hey Beautiful Lady,

Let’s talk about this four letter word that has enough strength to paralyze your future if you let it.

Webster defines fear as: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.

It’s an emotion that can control our senses, our appetite, our abilities, sleep pattern, and  the digestive tract.

We won’t admit that fear has stopped us from  moving forward  into new  careers,   new opportunities,  entering or exiting  relationships,  checking our  credit scores,  going to the doctors,  finishing  task we started, asking for raises at work, asking/giving help,   becoming entrepreneurs,  traveling the world and discovering who we truly are internally.

Am I alone , I didn’t want to be a failure so I let fear stop me from starting. I didn’t know what the unknown was so I stayed in my comfortable place.  I didn’t want to be rejected so, I never tried. Fear allowed  me to grab  any excuse  that could arise…So I let it stop me.

Fear it’s time to go…  So I can grow!

  • First be honest with yourself
  • Face your  fear, it doesn’t have to  control or cripple your decisions
  • Change and renew your thinking
  • Don’t wallow in past failures and disappointments
  • Trust the process of leaving your  comfort zone
  • Stop  self sabotage
  • Put the work in for your goals
  • Believe in yourself
  • Speak positive words of affirmation
  • Avoid negative thinking and talking

Most importantly God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear but of power, love  and of sound mind.( 2 Timothy 1:7)

Be Kind, Be Beautiful,  Be a Woman on the Move

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Author: Women on the Move

I am a Woman of God who is determined to see other women succeed. I'm the founder of Women on the Move Ministries which offers monthly workshops to empower women. Follow me on FB to stay connected with Women on the Move Ministries Fb- womenonthemove8 IG- womenonthemoveministries Email-

12 thoughts on “How to stop fear from ruining your future!”

  1. Great post and so true we allow fear take control when we are bigger than fear, smarter than fear. We just have to be willing in to take that step and move forward while remembering the only perfect person is God.

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  2. Thanks for empowering and encouraging me. Fear has definitely hindered me in the past in some areas. The more I lean on Him and less on me, the more confident and fearless I am 😊


  3. This is truly a great posting. As I look back over the course of time, I let fear arise in me and limit me to step out on faith. No more negative talking, it’s time to let go of my self destructing mentality and push forth with things I want to achieve. Thanks for this motivation and tools to successfully put fear to rest.


  4. Yes,fear is something I struggle with but I have learned to not be fearful of anything because as long as I continue to PRAY AND ASK GOD TO STRENGTH ME IN THIS AREA I KNOW HE WILL.ACTUALLY I HAVE GOTTEN A LOT BETTER.THANKS FOR THIS GREAT ENCOURAFEMENT


  5. this was definitely a well needed topic in my life I have let fear consume me in different aspects of my life in the past but not anymore thanks so much for sharing

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  6. Fear is what had held me back for so long.
    Now moving forward knowing that I am no alone. That God truly had a plan for each and everyone one of our lives. Yes, fear will show up but we don’t have to accept it or let it stop us. As they say. Do it anyway and the fear will disappear. As you stated above God has not given us the spirit of fear. So, we don’t have to accept what we know is not from God.
    Moving on in spite of.

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  7. This is so good! Fear is designed to stop us from discovering the many gifts within us. It’s designed to stop us from achieving our full potential… purpose. Don’t let fear overcome you … over come it ! Ladies … we can and shall !


  8. Thank you for this post. It’s no accident that I can across this. Fear has crippled by life in so many areas. I know that God have so much for me to do, but because of my fear, I can’t receive what God has for me/ or what God want me do. I will continue to pray and ask God to give me the strength to overcome this stronghold .


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